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Folder Lock software provides is a data security application it provides security for your data, mainly when you share your mobile phone with someone and prefer to keep personal files, pictures, videos, and documents password-protected.

In spite having your system’s protection breached and your important files being taken may qualify as a much-dreaded headache among people today.

Regrettably, several corporations and people have already skilled that headache turns into a reality due to some situations wherein hackers could obtain access to the data that has been allowed to be private.

Folder Lock Software For PC

Naturally, the folder lock software for important computer data is of utmost significance, and now more so than ever. Advanced technology has only created such bizarre people more audacious. Fortunately, there are certain assets at your disposal to ward off such unrequired attacks.

The most distinguished among these tools could be the employment of file lock software to guard your files against the functions stated above. A file locker will permit you to defend your files by keeping them closed in a password-protected folder.

List of the Top Folder Lock Software

Here is the List of Popular Folder Lockers:

  1. Folder Secure
  2. SecretFolder
  3. Gilisoft File Secure Professional
  4. HiddenDIR
  5. IObit Protected Folder
  6. Lock-A-Folder
  7. Secret Computer
  8. Folder Guard
  9. WinZip
  10. WinRAR

#1) Folder Lock

Folder lock software is just a great-looking file locker that performs incredibly effectively on Windows 10, Mac, and Android devices. It mixes a number of critical characteristics that all work together to guard your files from unrequired episodes and unauthorized access.

Their screen is just a point of splendor, with all of its significant characteristics lined up and readily available on the left-hand area of one’s screen. You can easily encrypt your sensitive files by protecting them using a strong code, demolish files you don’t want anybody to locate, and build simple back-ups of all your essential files on the system.

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  • Password Secure
  • Encrypt files, CDs, and USB products
  • Create simple back-up
  • Shred files

#2) Secret Folder Lock

Secret Folder is just a free Folder lock for Windows 10 that gives standard characteristics and a quite simple method to lock your files on a Windows device. You’re merely needed to incorporate the files or files you would like to defend in SecretFolder’s dash, and exactly like your preferred files will soon be hidden or secured with a password.

Yet another spectacular feature of SecretFolder is that you cannot uninstall a certain record without investing in the password. This is exceedingly valuable as hackers will often make an effort to strike essential programs in your device.


  • Free and Easy to Use.
  • Password Protected lock
  • Protected Uninstall
  • Protect Unrestricted Amounts of files and folders.

#3) Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft surpasses several tools of related character by supplying military-grade security software that offers the ability to defend your hard disks, memory card, flash drive, thumb drive, and system drives among other devices.

It is simple to merely cover your record or code defend it, thanks to Gilisoft’s clean and intelligent interface and strong features. It follows the same tried and tried system of security wherein you’re needed to incorporate the files that you would like to encrypt into Gillisoft’s screen and add a password to guard it.


  • Clear and Lightweight Program
  • Fast Folder or Device Security
  • Check the Computer and Folder for Changes.
  • Computer Wiper

#4) Hidden DIR

HiddenDIR is an incredible free file lock for PC that enables users to make their essential files unseen on the system. The software is a very easy task to use. You’re merely required to open the software, find the cover switch, and checkmark the file you want to hide. Just that way, your file will soon be hidden from everyone on the device.

To unhide the record, you’ve to merely find the files which were assigned to be hidden and go through the unhide button. You can also find the large code switch on the tool’s screen to set a password in order to open a certain folder.


  • Free and Easy to Use
  • Password Protect Your Documents
  • Lightweight
  • Cover total websites automatically.

#5) IObit Protected Folder Lock

IObit provides an enhanced privacy and safety feature, that is rather unlike any other software today. It goes over and beyond to encrypt essential files in your Windows system and demands a password to open them, no matter who is using the device.

It can defend your files from everything – unauthorized usage of destructive spyware attacks. Apart from its significant feature, IObit can also make your files unseen in one single swoop.

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  • Numerous Possibilities to guard files.
  • Clear and detailed user interface.
  • Cover files
  • Stop accessibility
  • Banish number from safety

#6) Lock-A-Folder

Lock-A-Folder continues the tradition of this number to be a very simple and easy-to-use file locker for the device. You’re merely required to enter the location of the file you would like to lock or defend with a password, and just that way your entire sensitive files will soon be closed and secure from prying eyes.

You can easily collect or change your code with the ‘Change Master Password’option and the protection you obtain is impregnable. The software also does not inhabit a lot of room in your system and is many suitable for use on a Windows XP device.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Password defend your files
  • Cover files

#7) Secret Disk

Secret Computer already excels when compared to its opponents due to its strong and intelligent automatic file lock system. This is a feature that very few tools offer, but Secret Computer fills that gap with a tool that’s capable to guard your files on the Windows functioning system.

You can easily code defend or make your files unseen using Secret Disk. Moreover, the software also quickly locks your files once you close them or in instances of an emergency energy outage.


  • Create New Computer
  • Password Protect Documents
  • Computerized Securing
  • Cover files

#8) Folder Guard

Even though Folder Guard shares nearly all of its characteristics with the ‘Folder Secure’software we initially protected on this number, it is just a brand-new and various creature altogether. It can encrypt, password-protect, and cover your files from prying eyes, but can also moreover defend your files from viruses and spyware episodes as well.

It functions that double work with outstanding finesse, thus ensuring that your files remain guarded against unauthorized accessibility, hacking and virtual theft. Yet another great feature is its ability to back-up files in a firmly secured database.


  • Encrypt and Password Protect Files.
  • Encrypt Outside Difficult Drives.
  • Create Storage lockers with military-grade encryption.
  • Eliminate Control Cells

#9) WinZip

WinZip is fairly an incredible software to zip and unzip files. Nevertheless, very few focus on its record safety characteristics, which are worthy of praise in their own right. WinZip lets you encrypt your zipped or unzipped files with great ease.

WinZip offers numerous possibilities as it pertains to selecting the degree of security you want to defend your files with. The banking level security it includes is reported to be probably the most formidable. Using security can be very easy.


  • Zipper and Unzip File
  • Password defends and Encrypt files.
  • File Supervisor
  • Backup files to the cloud.

#10) WinRAR

WinRAR is a great record retention tool. That is what it is famous and trusted as. Nevertheless, exactly like WinZip before it, that software also includes a very strong security system that people seem to be oblivious about.

WinRAR lets you encrypt your files quickly to make them protected from prying eyes online. In addition, it helps protected record transmission because it ensures your files are secured and protected with an advanced level of security when you move them.


  • Authenticated Trademark Engineering
  • 256-bit code safety
  • File compressor
  • Separate Archives into split volumes.

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